A streamlined approach thanks to our expertise

When you begin the process of acquiring a Nabco home, a professional team will help you make the right choices. Our custom design service ensures you get the house of your dreams down to the last detail. The flexibility of our construction process allows you to design a customized home in a very short time.

In addition, the Nabco Virtual Workshop allows you to visualize in real time the result of your choice of options, from the colour of the exterior siding to the bathroom fittings. From the comfort of your living room or with the help of a Nabco advisor, you will see your future home take shape before your very eyes!

Finally, thanks to our three customer purchasing modes, you decide the construction process. Experienced customers will be able to choose auto-construction and take responsibility for the worksite, while others will select partial auto-construction or our turnkey formula. Now, that’s real ownership freedom!

The Team

Passionate and caring people

Christine Rousselle

Sales Manager

Nathalie Brazeau

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Charles Ares

Project manager

Nancy Sansoucy